Thursday, May 5, 2011

They're growing up

*Sigh* kiddlywinks are growing up. There is so much joy in watching your little ones grow but at the same time there is sadness that they will only be such little innocent youngsters for so long.

For many weeks now we have been having an issue with Cohen getting up during the night up to 3 - 4 for times during the night, trying all sorts of different tricks. Yesterday in morning in the wee hours around 2am I heard him stirring so I gave DH a nudge. DH quickly jumped up to try and intercept him to get him back to bed. However Cohen surprised DH by telling him that he needed to go to the toilet. You see Cohen has been toilet training but we haven't even mentioned or contemplated night training with him yet. He has only in the last 2 weeks started to tell us when we are out and about that he needs to go to the toilet and will try to hold on for us to get him there in time. So the night before last, DH quickly got Cohen's nappy off and put him on the toilet and what do you now......success. We are both amazed because this is all of Cohen's doing not ours. DH had a little bit of a struggle for about half an hour getting Cohen back to bed, but some cuddles and daddy time worked it all out. We are just amazed and very proud of our little guy and especially since he only turned 2 just two weeks ago.

My sweet little miss, Sarah is surprising us and delighting us. Yesterday she turned 11 weeks old. For many weeks now she has been smiling and responding to different people. Her smiles and gurgles are getting bigger and brighter every day. She has really started to settle down and her little personality is starting to emerge. The same night Cohen surprised us, she surprised us as well and for the first time she slept through. She had her last feed about 7.30pm - 8pm and woke up at 4am.

In other news in just two short weeks our darlings will be getting Christened. I am yet to work out what Cohen will be wearing but as for Sarah she is sorted. Sarah will be wearing a gorgeous little dress that a dear mumma I know crocheted for her. It should be a lovely day spent with some very dear and close friends, I am very much looking forward to it all.

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