Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My spare time

I have been on a bit of a blogging rampage the last few days, it's good. There has been so much I have been meaning and wanting to do and share with you. Obviously my motherly duties have had me more then somewhat busy lately, in fact I am still seriously under the pump these days but sooner or later you gotta suck things up and get on with doing things. I have talked so much on and off this year about all the things I am wanting to do and work on. As determined as I am to be a good mumma, I am as determined to be a good me. My blogging is something that means a great deal to me and I have been trying to concentrate a lot of my spare minutes here and there to working on things. As some or many of you may know I do have another blog it's my business blog/blogshop My Vintage Vow. Nearly all my spare blogging moments have been spent over there behind the scenes getting things sorted out to relaunch my business. Along with that I have been busy setting up an Etsy and Madeit stores and making products and sourcing vintage finds, networking with interesting people etc. So I haven't been meaning to neglect Journey to Bliss it's just that I have been needing to put my very limited time in over there.

With being under the pump so much with the kids in recent times my business is the one thing that has given me a sanity break here and there. Some days I might not get out of pyjamas or get to brush my teeth and have someone in my arms nearly all day. But at least my business and my ideas etc are things I can constantly work on in my mind. Believe me in the push to get things relaunch soon, many things have been done on line with one hand whilst breastfeeding Sarah. I have been working with the most awesome WAHM who has helped with a new design and so much more, she has nearly been like a mentor in many ways a great sounding board. I am thankful for all of her help (I will be featuring her some time soon over at My Vintage Vow) and her patience. She has given me so many ideas and encouragement to do so much more with the business then I had originally thought to do. I am so excited about things taking off again, even though I feel as though I am going to have to start all over again in winning over my small but established audience of followers after being out of action for so long with pregnancy and babies......but you know what I'm just going to keep at it until I get there.

So there may not be much else happening in my world at the moment other then what I have mentioned, but it's a pretty full life at the moment. So fingers crossed Cohen will be at FDC later this week and that should give me enough uninterrupted time from his antics (as much as I love them) to get the last few things I need done to relaunch the business again over the weekend. Finally and hopefully my business is back in action next week, I should also have more mental capacity to be popping in here to start on the changes I want to make here. I have so many plans for Journey to Bliss as well and really want to start reaching out to a wider audience to help with miscarriage support, breastfeeding/re lactation support, rambles of parenting and life and so much more...........as Journey to Bliss's tag line says "I am on a journey to bliss come join me".

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