Saturday, June 25, 2011

Change is good

Sometimes changing the small things can give you a brighter outlook or perspective on the bigger things. Over the weekend we took down our hideously disgusting vertical blinds in our lounge room and replaced them with white eco blinds. I hate vertical blinds with the beaded string down the bottom that looks like you're living in an office. We have been living here coming up to four years and we have had little time and money to start to do improvements. We have a list as long as my arm of things we want to do and improve around the house and yard, so it was nice to finally bite the bullet and slowly get on the home improvement and decorating again. The lounge room and entrance to the house are looking so much nicer and brighter. I just like how such a small thing can have such and impact on my home as well as our attitudes. Over the weekend we also picked up some seat cushions for our dining chairs and we have also placed a lay by for blinds for the kids rooms. The kids are getting block out roller blinds and I will also be doing curtains as the search is on for curtains for the kids rooms (Sarah's room isn't a rush I have no idea when she will be moving out from us at this stage). Hmmm maybe an Ikea run is due very soon, for some nice fabric for curtains. Anyways once I get on top of the pig sty that is my house at the moment (it happens so quickly) I will post some pics of the little touches we are doing around the place.

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