Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Do you see a dinosaur?

I am in awe every day watching Cohen's mind and imagination develop. We spend a lot of time these days building blocks and the one thing he likes to build over and over again is a dinosaur. When he is finished building his dinosaur it is often thrusted into my hand which means I am then to put on a pretend voice and be the dinosaur. Cohen looks into his face (flat read bit at top in pic) and says "what you doin?". Just the other day Cohen was dancing around the lounge room to something on ABC2 and called out to the dinosaur he made that day "come on dinosaur, come on". I just find it so cute how in a child's eyes everything has life and energy to it, the possibility of being or doing anything their mind musters up. Whereas we as adults often just see a pile of blocks........oh to be a child again and to see everything and everyone in such a joyous way.

Pic is of Cohen's creation yesterday.....it really does look like a dinosaur huh? Oh and before you ask he is wearing undies in the pic LOL.

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