Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's a revolving door

It's a revolving door of sickness here, in fact it's been that way since Easter when Cohen had his 2nd birthday. If it's not DH it's Cohen, if it's not Cohen it's Sarah or all of them all at the same time. How I have not come down gravely ill I don't know. Not that if I did it would change much, I would still be looking after everything and everyone and DH would still walk out the door to go to work. Anyways needless to say all this sickness flying around I am rather over it and in desperate need of some quality time out for myself. It's still probably going to be a few months yet before I can start to leave Sarah for a little while while I duck off to do something for an hour by MYSELF. I am happy to accept that, so this week with the news from DH telling me that he was coming down with the "bug" again, I decided I just have to do what I can for myself at home before this lot drive me off the deep end with being sick and whinny.

We are off to a friends wedding on the weekend and it has honestly taken me all week to get all my preparation done. I had my haircut this week by my dear friend who came to home with her 5 week old and we had a catch up and she chopped my locks and spruced my colour up. I also treated myself to an eyebrow wax this morning on the way to the docs to get Sarah her 4 month needle. I had hoped to get a lash tint done at the same time, but I ran out of time. Sarah is now asleep after coming home from having her needles, so I might get on to painting my nails. Maybe, just maybe if DH is home at a reasonable hour I/we might be able to run back up the road this afternoon and I can get that lash tint I want. Honestly if I can manage all this, it will have taken me a week to groom myself so to speak but I will feel a little more womanly.

All going well I am going to squeeze at least a neck and shoulder massage in over the long weekend. Fingers crossed for me huh and fingers crossed that this lots sick bugs will be held at bay and I get a reprieve this weekend from someone coming down with something AGAIN and whinging at me aggrrrrrr.

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