Friday, June 24, 2011

A quickie

I'm sure DH would like to think that the above title for this post meant he was in luck tonight, but it is not. I am going to try and make this a very quick post tonight because I have been struggling with all that has been going on here to get some quality time to drop in and say hi. It's a shame because I have so much to do, say and share. Anyways I have dropped in tonight to say that it is possible that tonight we are on the cusp of a first in my house. Sarah is asleep in her cot for the first time before 10.30pm (or later) since......well I can't remember. I have been getting really fatigued recently with constantly being needed and pulled at every which way by Sarah, Cohen and DH. Just today I had a pity party cry I so desperately wanted Sarah to sleep (she isn't the greatest day sleeper) and I just wanted an hour to myself with Cohen at FDC to do something for me and no one else. But what do you know little Miss Sarah has gone and surprised me. After I put Sarah down and and went and checked on her to make sure she was really in dreamland. DH started make indications towards us getting it on. Ummm no I don't think so mister besides we had a "quickie" last night at 11pm after finally getting Sarah asleep and me surviving the day on about 3 hours the night before. So yeah no way mate tonight and this time whilst Sarah is asleep is my time, my time I tell ya. So with that being said I am going to bid you all a good night and if I am ever so fortunate to have tonight back up tomorrow I will try to pop back and share some ponderings of late.

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  1. Oh Trudie I remember 'them' moments of fatigue that was beyond fatigue.. you think you're not going to be able to go on, and then somehow you do.

    I'm hoping tonight brings you some more 'you' time :) As for your DH... Mmmm you just want to slap them huh lol They have no idea!

    D xxx


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