Monday, July 25, 2011

Fun, Fairies, Fruit and Veg

We have some many little projects on the go or in the pipeline at the moment here at home. Down the side of the house we are in the midst of paving and putting in fruit and veg garden beds down the length of the house. We are very excited about our plans and looking forward to getting back into our fruit and veg again on a larger scale after the big rains last year wiping out everything. Cohen is also rather excited and has been out there helping daddy when he has been doing work. We are going to be utilising the fence as well with hanging pots and to Cohen's delight we currently have two varieties of strawberries growing which we check on every other day and have him water.

Cohen in the very late afternoon helping daddy put one of the garden bed walls in....or more like putting himself in the garden bed.

DH has informed me that it's mainly my responsibility for working out what we are going to be planting. So far the list of what I want going in the ground is lettuce, Asian mixed lettuce, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, silverbeet, baby eggplant, capsicum.....and that is about as far as I have got for now but the list will be expanding considerably as we get more done.

Anyway I want to share with you another project I have going in the pipeline I just need some time to work on. At the back of our house we have this retaining wall.

Yeah I know kind of boring picture! I have been inspired by going ons over at The Magic Onions and the fairy gardens that I am seeing over there. So the plan here is to turn all the little nooks between the boulders into little natural fantasy wonderlands for fairies and the like hang out. DH has bought a bunch of small hessian bags that we can load up with soil with some appropriate non-evasive plants so we can stick in some of the gaps to pretty it up. I'm not sure what plants to look for yet but I am hoping something that might weep over some of the boulders creating little curtains and caves for our fairy wonderland. I'm hoping this will be another project that Cohen will enjoy helping me with. Furthermore I hope he will enjoy using this area for his imaginative play once we get going. I'm sure Sarah will enjoy it bit I expect it will be well established by the time she is tottering around and old enough to join in the wonderment of it all.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Indiana Cohen and Raiders of the Backyard!

Last week during Cohen's imaginative play he started to talk about finding treasure. He would grab all the cushions off of the lounge put them in a little gap we have between the end of the lounge and wall and then he would run off and get his torch. With torch in hand he would fossick under the cushions and if you asked him what he was doing he would proclaim "find treasure".

So with this development in mind I set about developing a proper discovery of treasure for him in our garden. So I started out with this box (a rather precious box to me but desperate times call for desperate measures right).

I spent a few days getting together some small odds and ends to go in there. Some beads, play money, I small handful out of my white button collection, some real coins, a tin elephant emblem I have had laying around.

Here it is going into the ground, Cohen's going to love this.

Here we go we're looking for treasure.......

Cohen had so much fun he was so excited squealing "treasure". This little treasure hunt has certainly given us plenty of mileage he wouldn't stop talking about it last night and playing with his treasure. DH and I have decided we are going to continue a weekly hunt for him and gather up different little things that can go into the treasure box to be discovered. It will be a nice little activity just for Cohen each week.........we hope to keep it on a Tuesday and therefore Tuesdays will be known as Treasure Box Tuesdays. We are also going to get Cohen a little container or special box to keep his finds safe and it will be his special box of things for him to play with that he won't have to share.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An offering

I have been trying to get out each morning for a walk with the kids. I always leave it up to Cohen if he wants to walk or go in the pram. He knows if he walks he has to hold hands or whatever else I indicate to him. Last week he decided on the pram because he wanted to use his binoculars to look for birds. However yesterday he decided to walk, so I had a Sarah in the CatBird Pikkolo. We took Cohen's bright purple balloon that was tied to a thick piece of coral coloured wool on the walk with us.......the neighbours must think we're nuts. Along the way Cohen asked me about different things he saw and heard and we collected sticks and leaves on our walk.

Once home we played with our findings in some play dough. I love Cohen's's a jungle he needs his giraffe he informed me.

And then afterwards Buddha got an offering. I should note that we aren't Buddhist but it's rather ironic that this little collection ended up at the lap of Buddha. A little collection to remind us of our walk and what we did with our morning. A reminder of nature and the beauty that is there in things we consider "dead" like fallen leaves. It's nice to have a little wonder and whimsy indoors. I think this will be a nice little offering to our house, our lives our family and we will continue on with this each Monday morning and I will try and document it will be nice to see the seasons change indoors and outdoors.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gardening for the little guy

Now that Sarah is starting to settle right down, I am trying to put even more effort into doing activities with him where I can be more hands on with him. So this morning this is what we did, planted his marigolds daddy bought especially for him the other day.

He was trying hard to listen to my instructions, but needed a little hel. He talked the whole time saying "grow flower". Then informed me he needed the "water can".

Of course once you give a kid water, what do they ask for. More water of course! No pic to show you the more water result. Why? Because it would show Cohen in his regular state half starkers.

Instead what do you do when you've planted your flowers? Throw in a digger to help them of course.

And when Sarah has had enough of watching mummy and Cohen where does she end up?

Strapped in for cuddles of course.

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