Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gardening for the little guy

Now that Sarah is starting to settle right down, I am trying to put even more effort into doing activities with him where I can be more hands on with him. So this morning this is what we did, planted his marigolds daddy bought especially for him the other day.

He was trying hard to listen to my instructions, but needed a little hel. He talked the whole time saying "grow flower". Then informed me he needed the "water can".

Of course once you give a kid water, what do they ask for. More water of course! No pic to show you the more water result. Why? Because it would show Cohen in his regular state half starkers.

Instead what do you do when you've planted your flowers? Throw in a digger to help them of course.

And when Sarah has had enough of watching mummy and Cohen where does she end up?

Strapped in for cuddles of course.

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