Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Indiana Cohen and Raiders of the Backyard!

Last week during Cohen's imaginative play he started to talk about finding treasure. He would grab all the cushions off of the lounge put them in a little gap we have between the end of the lounge and wall and then he would run off and get his torch. With torch in hand he would fossick under the cushions and if you asked him what he was doing he would proclaim "find treasure".

So with this development in mind I set about developing a proper discovery of treasure for him in our garden. So I started out with this box (a rather precious box to me but desperate times call for desperate measures right).

I spent a few days getting together some small odds and ends to go in there. Some beads, play money, I small handful out of my white button collection, some real coins, a tin elephant emblem I have had laying around.

Here it is going into the ground, Cohen's going to love this.

Here we go we're looking for treasure.......

Cohen had so much fun he was so excited squealing "treasure". This little treasure hunt has certainly given us plenty of mileage he wouldn't stop talking about it last night and playing with his treasure. DH and I have decided we are going to continue a weekly hunt for him and gather up different little things that can go into the treasure box to be discovered. It will be a nice little activity just for Cohen each week.........we hope to keep it on a Tuesday and therefore Tuesdays will be known as Treasure Box Tuesdays. We are also going to get Cohen a little container or special box to keep his finds safe and it will be his special box of things for him to play with that he won't have to share.

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  1. That is just a beautiful special for you both xx


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