Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An offering

I have been trying to get out each morning for a walk with the kids. I always leave it up to Cohen if he wants to walk or go in the pram. He knows if he walks he has to hold hands or whatever else I indicate to him. Last week he decided on the pram because he wanted to use his binoculars to look for birds. However yesterday he decided to walk, so I had a Sarah in the CatBird Pikkolo. We took Cohen's bright purple balloon that was tied to a thick piece of coral coloured wool on the walk with us.......the neighbours must think we're nuts. Along the way Cohen asked me about different things he saw and heard and we collected sticks and leaves on our walk.

Once home we played with our findings in some play dough. I love Cohen's imagination...it's a jungle he needs his giraffe he informed me.

And then afterwards Buddha got an offering. I should note that we aren't Buddhist but it's rather ironic that this little collection ended up at the lap of Buddha. A little collection to remind us of our walk and what we did with our morning. A reminder of nature and the beauty that is there in things we consider "dead" like fallen leaves. It's nice to have a little wonder and whimsy indoors. I think this will be a nice little offering to our house, our lives our family and we will continue on with this each Monday morning and I will try and document it here........it will be nice to see the seasons change indoors and outdoors.

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