Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And the Fairy Wonderland begins....

I am just so excited and chuffed with myself. I am also grateful to have learnt about The Magic Onions blog and be inspired.

Just the other day we ducked out to Bunnings to spend some gift cards we had. I finally got an opportunity to speak with one of the nursery staff. I told her about my idea and the retaining wall, she seemed genuinely thrilled at what I was wanting to try and achieve for the wall and in turn for Cohen and Sarah's imaginative play. She dragged me all over the place showing me different plants that would or should do well in a mainly shaded environment.

So this is what we ended up with a mixed coloured lot of Impatiens, Bromeliads and Ficus Frosty Fern. Once home I got to cutting up hessian bags to make little parcels of soil to plant in. I tied them up with garden twine and cut a few small holes in the bottom.

Around the back of the house at the retaining wall DH packed extra soil into the nooks and cranny's of boulders and then we packed in our hessian bag parcels of plants. I still have at least another half of the wall to do, but we have started. It's so exciting and I can see in my minds eye how this going to look once it's established.....well fingers crossed my planting solution works and takes off. I think DH and I are also going to clear the top of the wall and plant African Violets so once that is established it will also run over some of the rocks and boulders like fringes.

So there you go it's a start they are young plants and if you look close you can see how we have shoved them in there. I have already started looking around for little wooden gnomes and fairies for the Cohen (yes Sarah is still young but come end of summer she will be out there with her brother)......I know I'm jumping the gun, but it's so exciting I just wish I was a kid again. I will keep you updated with more pics on this project as we get further along in the process.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Here's the do!

See I promised I would pop in and say hi real soon. Until I have got myself a little more sorted time wise I am going to try pop in every week as much as I can with a paragraph or two and a pic to bring you up to speed on all my happenings of late.

So here you go this is the new do.

Since this pic was taken the concave has been cut even more drastically. I love the new do and it's a big change from the blond I have been for the last few years. I will have to keep on top of the colour as I have so many greys it's not funny, but oh well that's the least of worries.

Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm full of promises

Yes I know I am full of promises I feel like every time I pop in here to add a post after what has been a little absence, I promise you will be hearing from me more regularly. But truly I promise you if you can continue to stick with me, I will be back to posting regularly over here as well.

Life has been really busy here lately Sarah is settling more and more as the weeks go by (she is still very much a mummas girl though), and currently she is living in sheer desperation to get moving at the moment. She is so desperate to crawl that it generally ends in shrilling screams of frustration. Cohen is his regular gorgeous self and we have been riding some of the waves you expect to with a 2 year old. However his cognitive understanding and development with many things is really coming together. He seems to be having such a better understanding of what is expected of him and when. I have been having many proud mummy moments lately with my two darlings and watching them grow and change. To be honest those proud mummy moments have also been for myself too, the little confidence boosters where you see things working with your kids and you say to yourself that you must be doing a pretty good job!

On a personal level plenty has been happening for me. Number one and the primary reason you haven't seen much of me here is because I have been over there, My Vintage Vow Blog. As most of you know it's my little business, my little venture that I re-launched. I have heaps happening there at the moment and a lot behind the scenes. I am so excited that my goals and dreams are slowly being realised over there. It's slow going but that's ok, you've got to start somewhere don't you, and with two little ones as I have in tow I have to pace myself. So please feel free to pop on over to My Vintage Vow and check out what I am up to. If you like what you see and you're a fan of what I am doing and trying to do, why not become a follower so when you don't see me here you will see what I am up to over there. Oh and by the way we are having a giveaway at the moment, so now might be as good a time as any to check out what I am doing.

As for other things that have happened or are happening recently:
- I had an AWESOME birthday, many wonderful things happened and I got spoilt big time....will post soon about it all I promise, with some pics
- I have chopped the hair and gone back to dark, I am loving it and rockin' it (yes I know self flattery goes a long way lol).
- I attended our recent ABA planning meeting, and I am going to be starting investigations into starting my studies to become a counsellor, although I want to fit it in before number 3.
- Yes you heard right we are still crazily planning on bubba number 3, but just not yet but I will have to get my studies started soon as I will need about a year to finish them and can't imagine how I will do it and be motivated to continue if pregnant during studies.

Anyways there is plenty more going on, I hope you are all well and happy and yes I promise with hand on the heart I will pop back in soon.......I still have bigger plans for changing things up over here, just got to get my bearings right with each project and endeavour at the moment.

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