Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And the Fairy Wonderland begins....

I am just so excited and chuffed with myself. I am also grateful to have learnt about The Magic Onions blog and be inspired.

Just the other day we ducked out to Bunnings to spend some gift cards we had. I finally got an opportunity to speak with one of the nursery staff. I told her about my idea and the retaining wall, she seemed genuinely thrilled at what I was wanting to try and achieve for the wall and in turn for Cohen and Sarah's imaginative play. She dragged me all over the place showing me different plants that would or should do well in a mainly shaded environment.

So this is what we ended up with a mixed coloured lot of Impatiens, Bromeliads and Ficus Frosty Fern. Once home I got to cutting up hessian bags to make little parcels of soil to plant in. I tied them up with garden twine and cut a few small holes in the bottom.

Around the back of the house at the retaining wall DH packed extra soil into the nooks and cranny's of boulders and then we packed in our hessian bag parcels of plants. I still have at least another half of the wall to do, but we have started. It's so exciting and I can see in my minds eye how this going to look once it's established.....well fingers crossed my planting solution works and takes off. I think DH and I are also going to clear the top of the wall and plant African Violets so once that is established it will also run over some of the rocks and boulders like fringes.

So there you go it's a start they are young plants and if you look close you can see how we have shoved them in there. I have already started looking around for little wooden gnomes and fairies for the Cohen (yes Sarah is still young but come end of summer she will be out there with her brother)......I know I'm jumping the gun, but it's so exciting I just wish I was a kid again. I will keep you updated with more pics on this project as we get further along in the process.


  1. Yes I love Magic Onions too - isn't it great to get a project and run with it. Looking forward to seeing your garden grow.
    Other blogs that inspire me are: http://motherrhythm.blogspot.com/
    oh and course yours.

  2. HAPPY Wattle Day to you - found you at Early Play Australia


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