Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Here's the do!

See I promised I would pop in and say hi real soon. Until I have got myself a little more sorted time wise I am going to try pop in every week as much as I can with a paragraph or two and a pic to bring you up to speed on all my happenings of late.

So here you go this is the new do.

Since this pic was taken the concave has been cut even more drastically. I love the new do and it's a big change from the blond I have been for the last few years. I will have to keep on top of the colour as I have so many greys it's not funny, but oh well that's the least of worries.


  1. You look great but of course I did not know you before. I cannot see how to contact you so could you please email me asap re EARLY PLAY AUSTRALIA so we can add this site under parenting.It is aiming to bring together Australian bloggers who have young children or work with them.

  2. Trudie @ Journey to BlissSeptember 1, 2011 at 5:06 AM

    I have emailed you.


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