Monday, September 12, 2011

Big weekend and simple pleasures!

We have had a busy but lovely weekend with many simple pleasures to be enjoyed. The weekend that we had was not the one we had planned out earlier in the week. However in light of recent events the message and reminder is there......get out there have fun, enjoy life while you can.

We had totally different plans for Saturday which had to be cancelled, but after I was able to take care of all necessary matters and details it ended up allowing us time to attend a friends little ones 2nd birthday.

Cohen had a wonderful time and Sarah was happy crawling about on the grass, both of our children certainly enjoy the outdoors and are so much more happier and less whingy if playing in the outdoors and fresh air. But when you're a dinosaur, I guess you need the great outdoors to roam around in.

Sunday morning I headed off early for the only kid free time I get out each week. I headed off up the road to our local coffee shop and used up the half hour wifi access I get with buying my drink. The remainder of our morning was spent at a car boot sale wandering around looking for bargains. Mind you we were meant of been selling our wares at this same car boot sale, but the weeks events, just didn't allow for us to be organized enough. I spent a whopping $3, on some vintage clothing finds of which will likely feature over at my other blog My Vintage VowMy Vintage Vow. On a side note I tell you one thing being a stay at home mum and trying to carve my way with my little venutre and finding time to balance being a mum and being me, is seriously difficult under least that's what I am finding at the moment.

Our afternoon yesterday was spent catching up with friends who we haven't seen in several months. We enjoyed the salt air by the Broadwater, watched Cohen play and Sarah crawl about investigating her surroundings. We also enjoyed other ventures outdoors yesterday, but that is for another post just as soon as I can get that up for you......hopefully later this morning if my two are agreeable.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and if the weather was agreeable where you are it was a nice one outdoors. Anyways this is just a post to share my weekend with you, nothing more nothing less and to let you know I hope to be a little more back on deck this week. May the start to this week find you all well.

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