Friday, September 16, 2011

A bright beautiful day for a beautiful soul!

Yesterday was the day that we laid my sweet and talented Aunt to rest. What a beautiful send off she got with the most splendid of spring days. Although there were many displays of heartache, there were for the main part many smiles, hugs, kisses and laughter as my large extended family gathered together. My Aunt was the youngest of eight with my father being the eldest, my father could not make the funeral due to bad health yesterday. Nor did another sibling make it yesterday, she is utterly heartbroken over her sisters passing and clearly needs her own space and privacy to grieve privately.

I think what made the day so relaxed is all due to my Nan. I have always adored my Nan and thought she was an amazing women. But yesterday she showed such remarkable strength and dignity at the service by taking the stand and speaking, mind you she is in her late seventies. She spoke with composure and strength but with venerability. With my two uncles by each side to place a supportive hand on their mothers shoulder. I think it was when my Nan said that when she had heard the news that my Aunt had been killed, she just knew she was at peace and she truly believes she is at peace. I think it takes a strong person in mind, body and spirit to be able find comfort in ones own words.

We gathered after the service at another one of my aunts homes, enjoyed being in the arms of one another. We smiled, we laughed, we joked, we loved. It was a beautiful and relaxing afternoon celebrating a very private yet sweet and talented soul.

Today as I drove to my ABA meeting with Sarah in the car, I was struck by emotion over my aunts passing, as the radio played Adele's - Someone Like You. Although the song isn't about someone passing, it was certain words and phrasing mixed with raw emotion she sings with that caught me off guard. I am of course no stranger to grief over the last few years, so I know just to let these moments wash over like waves with their ebb and flow rather then fight them.

Obviously the events of the last few weeks have bought my emotions and my grief process closer to the surface as there are reminders and triggers for emotions. But more then anything I have been reminded of through my aunts passing and her talents and her sweet spirit is that we all have such a beautiful life to live. Sure our journeys my include struggles and dark days, but without those you can't really appreciate beauty and the joy of life.

May all my followers enjoy the beauty of life that has been bestowed on them, may the dark days we all surely endure in life linger only long enough as a reminder of the contrast of life. May you all remain safe, and love big and love strong.

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