Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cheap fun, cheap cookies.....

I'm having a slow start to the week after a weekend that got off track. I am still trying to get through all the house work and laundry which you've probably seen by now. But all house work and no play makes for a blah mumma and blah kids. So this morning I popped Sarah in front of the plastics cupboard......the cheapest toy box in any home, and set about arranging some baking that Cohen could help me with.
So I thought I would try these 120 biscuits for less then $5 from Stay at Home Mum.

Can you trust a nearly 2 and half year old to pour the contents of the condensed milk tin in whilst you grab the camera. Answer is yes there was no sticky mess for me to clean and no evidence he tried to nab some from the tin.

Can you trust a nearly 2 and half year old to roll biscuit mix into balls and place on tray...ummmm no, but oh well at least that took care of morning tea to a certain degree.....he got an apple after.

Will said 2 and half year old freak out that you aren't going to roll up and bake all the cookies today......maybe.

So here we are 4 batches for the freezer, which should well and truly do us until next week shop and beyond.

And here are few for today and taste testing.....well it is the first time we have tried this recipe. As the recipe suggests for a less crumbly biscuit substitute half a cup of self raising flour for half a cup of custard powder, so that's what we did. I also popped a small amount of choc chips we had left in and a few small handfuls of coconut......yes I'm not a precise cooker. Theses ones got a little over cooked because we had to FaceTime on the iPad with Gigi (Great Gran) in the middle of cooking time....but they are still scrummy.
Anyways the verdict is a great little biscuit recipe to build on with different flavors and so forth. A great freezer filler and cheap, will also get you out of a bind if you have guests or don't want to turn up to a friends empty handed.

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