Monday, September 12, 2011

Feeding Baby!

Along with our weekend more ventures outdoors were enjoyed. With the spring weather giving us perfect temperatures during the day we basked outdoors for some open ended play with the kids. But of course it is still my pleasure and responsibility to provide my two with shelter and food. So when to calls for I'm hungry started hubby helped move our outdoor table onto the lawn, we threw over an old sheet and hey presto a shaded eatery and cubby. Because we had a morning out at the car boot sale indulging in snags in bread and so forth a light and healthier lunch was on the agenda. I rustled up a fruit, cheese and cracker platter for the kids.

Sarah has only recently in the last few weeks started solids and it really has only been in the last week we have been broadening our horizons. When we ventured into solids with Cohen I was like any new parent concerned about textures of foods and choking, but after a little while both he and I found confidence and ventured into finger foods.

This time around with Sarah the whole baby led solids is more in progress. I'm not following the whole process strictly but as what I believe all families should do, I am doing what works best for this family. Sarah is still getting some mashed foods, and I won't lie she has had the odd organic pre made pouches. But again I say I am doing what works best for my little family. I am enjoying watching Sarah through some of the baby led solids process, I feel like in many other things we don't give little ones like Sarah at nearly 7 months enough credit and faith in their development. At only just a mere 2 or so weeks into the whole solid journey she more then capable of feeding herself a responding appropriately if she has bitten off more then she can chew so to speak. I am there of course to step in an assist, but the need has not come about or at least not yet anyway.

Here she is enjoying some of her first experiences with a strawberries over the weekend, I love the funny look she has on her face experiencing the flavors. In her other hand she has mushed her banana to smithereens. Oh and when the solids experience comes about and weather is warm, I am all for stripping the kids down to their buffiness, not only does it make clean up for this mumma easier, but they seem to enjoy themselves so much more.

Clearly these are only my experiences and opinions regarding starting the solids journey and my thoughts on baby led solids. Should you wish to experiment with your little one please do your appropriate research, rather then taking my experiences as gospel. However at end of the day I am of the opinion and belief that as parents if we are more relaxed about these processes it can only benefit our children and their development.

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  1. Love that strawberry expression. Isn't the warm weather great for kids?


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