Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How big is your mountain?

Rainy weather, sick poppets, sick husband, life and me with a seriously sore neck has been getting me behind with the laundry lately.

Check this out, I have lost track of how many loads this is and there is still more on the clothes horse and in the dryer. For this family of four this is a pretty big mountain? How big is yours? Come on fess up and leave me a link in a comment, don't have me airing my dirty laundry by myself........whoops wrong pun, this is clean laundry.

There could be someone or some child under all that I can't be sure.

Tell me how you get through sorting out a mountain like this? I have recently devised a plan of sorting it into different baskets, takes me a few minutes. Then when I have more time during the week I can grab a basket in the evening and fold a basket and put it away. It's been saving me time and sanity, I would never get through this during a day running around after my two.


  1. My most unfavourite task - I get each child to grab their clothes from the pile first, then I am left with a smaller pile. This started because I could not work out which boys undies belonged to which!

  2. mine is huge 5 grandkids one 16 yr old one 23 yr old one 21 yr old and hubby and me yikes.


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