Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm going to revamp...

I have been debating and dabbling with the idea and process of updating my blog template, image and layout. For those who have followed Journey to Bliss for a while now, you will all know that I have been wanting to change things up. So can I please ask you all to bare with me and indulge me in some patience, whilst I toy around with things?

But before you give me your patience please keep in mind that I am no techie know it all very, far from it in fact. I have been trying to teach myself along the way and use some of my experiences with the designer of my other blog template (My Vintage Vow). It's very possible along the way I could have a techie related fit, if I get too confused along the way. Furthermore all the advice I have read about making changes to ones blog says to do it at a low traffic time. Hmmm ummm well that could be hard with two kids, husband, two blogs I write for and I need sleep. So what that means is that some changes are obviously just going to have to happen as and where I can fit them in around my family life, if that means it is at a high traffic time, I apologise in advance. But please, please be assured my ever so lovely readers that I will still be blogging about all the other normal stuff as this process occurs.

On a final note if anyone wants to mentor me through this process, please let me know and you will be my bloggy best friend, and you may save this mummy from frustration. Oh and if you think you would like me to blog about this process and how I have done things and what changes I am making or planning let me know.......maybe it may inspire the non-techie types like me to take the leap of faith and do it.

Thanking you all in advance.

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