Monday, September 19, 2011

Meeting and achieving personal goals.

I have been thinking a lot about what I put out there in regards to my goals this year. Just this morning I read back over that post to remind myself of what I had put down and to see where I am along in that journey as well.

I'm pretty pleased to say that I think I am doing well with my goal list. Cohen is still my little re lactated boy, would you believe it's over 18 months that journey started out?

I am a tandem breastfeeding mum, however the journey to keep up with tandem feeding hasn't been an easy one in the last 7 months with Sarah requiring so much of me. But I have muscled through the hard days, weeks and months and we are just motoring along now. Sarah of corse is still breastfed, and never seems perturbed that her brother crawls up on my lap for a feed. Cohen more then anything I think still needs that emotional reinforcement with breastfeeding especially on those days where Sarah has needing a lot of me.

As for goals of keeping the house organized after my insane nesting whilst pregnant with Sarah, well that has kind of gone to the wayside. But I am slowly getting back on top and clearing out again with a spring clean

I'm managing two in cloth on my ear as suspected but it does help that Cohen decided he wanted to start toilet training the week after Sarah was born.

Having creative time space and energy to put into my venture with My Vintage Vow, has been a struggle. But as with everything else it's a work in progress each week I am finding where and when I can fit things in around the demands of my family. I am still as determined as ever and will just stick at it until I get to where I am wanting to go with that.

As for my ABA goals,

they are still most definitley in the pipeline. One of my local ABA group counsellors is having my details passed on this week, so the ball should start to roll regarding initial enquiries into my studies to become a counsellor. Furthermore in regards to my participation in our group I have been asked along with another mum (who is actually a trainee counsellor) to lead or next meeting discussion group, about managing with a toddler and a newborn and being a breastfeeding mum. I am surprised to have been asked given I haven't started studies but the groups counsellors seem happy and assured about my commitment and involvement in the group, besides they will be there to point out anything that I or we may stray off the point with. Anyways I am excited about this opportunity, and I generally relish an opportunity to get up and talk. Anyway wish me luck with the group discussion.......I'll report back to let you know how it goes.

So there you go that is about where I am at with achieving goals this year, I had also wanted to start writing a book but my whole blogging life is really starting to take off now that I feel as though I meeting that goal, but just in a different way. I try my best as any mum to enrich my children's lives each day. Of course there are bad days sometimes, but I think it takes a good mum to recognize a bad day or moment and turn it around. Overall I think I am doing fairly well despite the ups and downs this year with many bouts of sickness for this family but I am excited about what the next twelve months from here hold. I know a few things that are in the agenda, but who knows anything is possible.

How are you traveling this year? Are things where you expected them to be for you, your family, your children?

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  1. Good luck with your studies to become a counsellor - you deserve this. I always enjoy your posts. Thought you might like to join our 'blog hop' with a short post like me or maybe a post you have already done? It's about writing a letter to our children and you kind of do this every time YOU blog!


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