Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spring has sprung and it's time for.....

....getting outside and enjoying all that the change of season has to offer.

I set the kids and I up outside this morning on a tarp and blanket. The tarp was put to use because the ground is still damp from all the rain we have had recently. I bought out a few toys for Sarah and then let Cohen just roam from inside to outside, bringing out toys to extend on the crazy ideas he was having.

Our time outside quickly turned into a boobie picnic when Cohen realised that I was giving Sarah a quick feed. So in true Cohen fashion I heard those words "my turn". Whilst Cohen was having "his turn" and sunshiny cuddles, Sarah ignored toys and tried to investigate our surroundings.

I am so excited about the change in seasons and all it's possibilities. I have so many little projects to finish off or get started on. I also have some crazy little things up my sleeve I would like to plan for the kids, so it will be nice with the change in season and temperature to try and actualise some of these ideas.

Here are some pics from our morning.

In another world.

He loves see how things work like his daddy does, he could see himself on my iPad whilst I was trying to take the pic.

Guess what she is after?

Time for a rest.

My turn!

I hope the start to spring has found you well and inspired and encouraged to embrace the possibilities of the season.

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