Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Toys and fun don't have to cost the earth...

In more ways then one, toys and fun don't have to cost the earth, neither in your hip pocket nor does our planet have to pay. Those who have been following me for some time or know me well know about my love of vintage and retro and how I crave a good trawl around an op shop for treasures, but I also love up cycling, recycling, repurposing things.

I headed out yesterday morning with Cohen and Sarah for a spot of op shopping and picked up some odds and ends for Cohen's imaginative play outside.

So for about $4 we came home with this, my hip pocket hasn't suffered nor has the planet in me adding to landfill for purchasing new. Just these few items have already paid for themselves in Cohen's eagerness to get outdoors and use his other outdoor surroundings as a kitchen. He announced to me yesterday that dinner was ready and that he had cooked pasta......yum.

I am now on the search for some other odds and ends to add to this collection, and I am excited to see how Cohen's play develops further.

Before I go have you heard about the Buy Nothing New month campaign starting next month? I have taken the pledge and will be documenting parts of my journey both here and over at My Vintage Vow. If you like the idea of saving money, saving our planet, reducing comsumerising, why not check out the link above or the one on my sidebar and come and join the pledge with me and share your fun and experiences.


  1. What a beautiful idea for imaginative play with your son. When i first saw the pot i thought you had bought it for your kitchen and i remember my mum having these pots. Land fill is a big concern in our house and we use all packaging we can to make crafty stuff and for play etc.

  2. Love those orange flowers but we all know bees love flowers. seriously thanks for telling about buy nothing new month. Will check it out, now.


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