Friday, October 14, 2011

Between the showers....

It was showering on and off here today and Cohen has been desperate to do some gardening. So thankfully during a weather break this morning we got outside for a little bit. Last weekend you might remember I visited my Nan and I got some cuttings. Well finally today I, with Cohen's help finally had a chance to get them in soil. I should add that my interim plan of having them sit on a wet tea towel in a tray has worked well, they even sprouted a little more.

So here is a little snap shot of our morning. The cuttings are all in these small vessels at the moment. If they establish themselves well, they will be transferred to the retaining wall for my fairy wonderland that I am hoping will be a success. I should add with it being Buy Nothing New month these three vessels are all thrifted. In the pic you will be able make out Cohen in the background he loves to purvey his garden and gnomes from his bedroom window.

In between our gardening and a light shower we ducked inside for a snack.....hence Sarah and a grubby face with Vegemite.

Finally an update pic on the veggie garden......the Co's lettuce is going gang busters so I think there might be the odd caesar salad on the menu this week.

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