Sunday, October 16, 2011

Busy, crazy weekend and changes.....

Wow it's been a very busy and crazy weekend and I have been flying by the seat of my pants with my posts here and over at My Vintage Vow. But nonetheless posts have been done and Blogtoberfest is in tact.

Saturday saw us at swimming lessons, grocery shopping, rearranging our office/creative space, get sorted for our garage sale, be interrupted by a serious thunderstorm and hail just to list a few things.

Today saw us up at 5am to set up for our garage sale and then a mad rush to get to a friends 3 year olds birthday party. Where we had to run constant interference with Cohen because there was so much junk food laid out......I shall not rant about that now, I'm too tired. The kids had a good time......

Back home again after 2 hours for Cohen's nap as he had been up from 5am. More office rearranging.....still more to go mind you. Then visitors this afternoon so DH could help set up their new lap tops.

Kids are now in bed, Cohen is back to FDC tomorrow after a month off because his day care mum has been on holiday. It has been great having him home, but he is eager to be seeing his friends. So I best be on my way once again to get things ready for the morning and perhaps fit in more organising of the office in before bed. I would really like to use my down time tomorrow when Sarah is napping to get all my crafting done for my swap......which I will fill you in on in more detail some time next week.


  1. Awww, she's wearing the little onesie I made her!!!! So sweet! xo

  2. She's been wearing it a bit lately, we love it and she gets lots of comments. I tell people I have this amazing friend who makes the sweetest things. X


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