Monday, October 3, 2011

Buy Nothing New, off to a good start...

The weekend saw the start to pledge of Buying Nothing New month, and I'd like to say I am off to a good start and have added to my wardrobe and it cost me nothing. My very dear and ever so sweet girlfriend has been having a wardrobe clear out, and it certainly helps that she is one stylish mumma. I went through her collection and pulled out a few numbers that I thought would fill the gaps in my wardrobe where I am currently lacking. I didn't take a lot of pieces but of the pieces I took a few will work will with my existing wardrobe and my much loved vintage pieces.

This was yesterday's run around get things done outfit.......and of course none of it is new, but it is all gifted and thrifted.

Now in other Buy Nothing New news, I failed to remember that when I took the pledge that I would be in the middle of trying to put together a swap package. I'm a member of an online cloth nappy forum and each month we generally have a swap running. This month it's a fill an envelope swap, I need to fill one of those pre-paid A4 sized envelopes that can weigh up to 500g, but no thicker then 20ml. All the participants usually fill out a questionnaire to help others work out what to send them and to ensure they aren't gifted with things that could cause allergies etc. I think I am going to find this little bump in my Buy Nothing New journey a bit of a challenge to provide my partner with suitable things for her lifestyle. I have a few ideas but I am well away from having the envelope filled with goodies. I think I might be dropping back in here with this adventure.......I may need some help brainstorming some other ideas. Anyways I will keep you posted.

Finally if you've joined the Buy Nothing Challenge leave me a comment and share with us how your first few days have been.


  1. I'm EXCITED to see this Challenge of yours unfold!!! I have been buying used for eons but hadn't thought of taking it all the way.
    Your life is a work of art!

  2. The good thing about this challenge. if you really get into it, is that it makes you appreciate what you have. I know I have enough clothes, shoes, jewelry etc but it is all so overwhelming and this will make me shop my own wardobe. Cheers.


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