Friday, October 7, 2011

The Cloth nappy way...

I am surprised about the number of enquiries I am getting from friends and acquaintances about modern cloth nappies and cloth nappying in general lately. Then again perhaps I shouldn't be surprised as many families are becoming more aware of the benefits of going the cloth nappy way.

Long time followers will now that when Cohen was a baby I wanted to do cloth full time and the only thing I knew that existed were the old style terry flats and pilchers. My start into cloth wasn't what I hoped but I at least was a shaky part timer with terry flats and disposable nappies, until I was introduced to the world of MCN's (modern cloth nappies). Once I started to learn about MCN's it honestly changed my life.......seriously it did.

Top left and Bottom left- Cohen in multi-fit style nappy, Top Right - Cohen a traditional terry square.....they get plenty of use around here still, Bottom right - Sarah, just days old we did cloth from the very first nappy in really is easy.

So what would one need to know about cloth nappying and MCN's, if one was interested. Well there is so much I can tell you and there are so many options available that the best way for me to tackle a lot of questions is giving you some practical on line resources and sites to check out.

* Australian Nappy Network Is a wealth of information and this link will give you some figures on the cloth V's disposable debate. On the same page there is a downloadable brochure that will assist you in learning more about some of the different styles of MCN's.

* My Green Nappy once again is a wonderful resource and can put you in the right direction of some brands to look at, mind you there are many more brands on the market, so it is always good to pop into a forum and speak with mummas who are cloth napping day in day out. It great to hear what they are using and what works for them and their babies. So the best place I have discovered to check out is Nappycino.

At the end the day the choices and options are vast, so if you're interested in cloth nappying and learning more about MCN's, I suggest it's best to do some research. After a bit of research and information, make sure you ask questions and get them answered. You can always pop back here and I will do my best to help, or pop into a forum and be answered by a group of supportive and helpful mummas.

I hope this helps you on the start to your cloth nappying journey. As I get a chance I will start posting more information and pictures that may be useful to you.

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