Saturday, October 15, 2011

Daddy time....

Every Saturday morning Cohen has swimming lessons with Daddy, it's their thing. Since you all rarely get to see a glimpse of Daddy and son together I thought I would show you this picture I took this morning.

The pic has turned out a little funny because it's indoors and the pool is heated and Cohen's lesson is at 7.30am so it's rather muggy inside.

Cohen's doing so well with his lessons and he has so much fun. In a months time Sarah will be able to start lessons and Daddy intends on that being his special time with his little girl as well. I will be the designated dryer, dresser, holder of things that are wet, child in waiting for the turn wrangler. I'm looking forward to it, to tell you a secret I love watching all the daddy's with their kids on a Saturday morning it's a special time. It is often the daddy's who are working full time and missing out on one on one time with their little ones and it's so nice to see all the kids smiling on a Saturday morning having that time with their daddy's.

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