Thursday, October 20, 2011

Family Fun Day...

We have had a wonderful day having daddy off work for the day before he heads off to the V8 GC600. The start to the morning was met with excitement and anticipation. We asked Cohen what day it was and he kept saying Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Funday yay!

We headed to Timezone where hubby's brother runs and owns the contract for the dodgem cars. So we were incredibly fortunate that he was able to hook us up a whole morning of free fun.....and there were even prizes for everyone at the end.

After a few hours of hyped up fun we were hungry so a bite to eat was in order. Now I know we are on Buy Nothing New month and a meal out is probably a breech of my pledge. But in our defence this meal was factored into our meal plan for our fortnightly food hopefully I am forgiven on that.

After a bite to eat a trip across the road to the beach was in order, where Cohen promptly fell into the sand to do sand angels much to the amusement of onlookers.

A sign of a good day wouldn't you say, a zonked out little man clutching one of his prizes.


  1. How wonderful you must feel, fun,love and family. Sweet as!

  2. Naaw. If there was a perfect day, I'm sure this would be in the running. GREAT pics.


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