Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I've got to do my job...

I've got to do my job are frequently the words you hear at our place these days. About a month ago Cohen randomly announced he wanted to feed Jada.

Excuse the old pic, but Jada is not in a snap happy mood today, for an updated one.

With Cohen's announcement that he wanted to feed Jada it has now been adopted as his daily job. The dog food is easily accessed by him in the pantry in a container with a scoop. He gets a thrill out of Jada coming and eating the food he has put out for her. He often stands there talking to her once she has started to eat, asking her if she likes it.

With Cohen's ever growing interest in cooking and helping in the kitchen, we have also graduated to him helping set the table for dinner in a simple fashion. Once he has set the table I have been setting him up with drawing at the table, whilst I get together the remainder of dinner. Generally by the time we have got all that done daddy has a special little something at his place setting and daddy most days is moments away from walking in the door.

Daddy is getting quite a collection of daily pictures. I think I might have to start a special scrapbook just for him. It gives Cohen such a thrill to be doing this for daddy each day and seeing his reaction.

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