Friday, October 21, 2011

Leading the discussion group...

Today was the day for me to lead the discussion group for our ABA meeting The topic of discussion being Toddler and Baby.

Well before I tell you how that all went I should tell you about the journey to even get to the meeting this morning. Right up until the very last minute to get out of the house this morning I was feeding Sarah and then it was a rush to get the last few things together and Cohen to family day care. As always when in a rush, I had to shoot back pass home because I had forgotten a few things.

Finally sorted and Sarah and I were on our way and two streets away from entering the major roundabout to head to our meeting venue, when I heard spluttering. No, not from the car, but from Sarah she was having a choke on her snack. I'm not one to stress or jump in at a little choke, that is easily cleared and managed by the child's natural reflexes. But this wasn't a little choke this was a big choke, getting distressed, trying to spew choke. Which saw me having to veer off to the side of the road at a funny angle, and run around the car and rip her out of her car seat to assist her. The poor poppet was rather shaken up and kept putting her head on my chest whimpering.

When she settled enough I got her strapped back in and headed to the corner shop near our meeting venue. Sarah was still whimpering so I got the carrier on and walked around for half an hour and grabbed milk, coffee and snacks for our ABA group. Thankfully by the time we got to our meeting venue Sarah had settled right down, so I could think about the task of leading our discussion group.

So how did that go you ask? Hmmmm well I think it went well enough. We only had three other mums attend today. I didn't have any nerves about speaking, but I do feel I did talk people's heads off though. At the end of the day it was a good experience considering I want to start studies soon. To that point I am also tossing up doing counsellor studies or community educator studies......decisions. At the end day the point of today and this post is to say I did it, I survived, now I'm tired and exhausted. It has been a full on day with countless trips in the car and hubby only got in an hour ago from the track. I'm going to retire for the night soon and in the meantime I will gently ponder my decisions with my studies.

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  1. Often uni's offer free counselling on studies, maybe it would be worth having a chat with them. Both options sound good, well done on getting through a tough day.


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