Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Toddler and babe teething....

Interesting day here Cohen had about four wake ups last night, the remainder of his pesky molars are cutting through and they look like their launching a viscous assault on his gums.....I don't envy him, but I do feel for him.

As for Sarah she was non-stop crying this morning once we were out of bed, and when she finally let me have a look in her mouth I got my answer. Her two bottom teeth are trying to cut, she hasn't cut any teeth to date so she is under assault too.

So the kids have been tag teaming it in the needy stakes today. At one point I even caught Cohen trying to take ten in his bed after being sent to his room to play quietly and simmer down after a prior incident with his behavior. When I asked if he was ok he said he was tired and his bottom hurt.....poor thing that's under attack too with his teething. So I offered to put some cream on his bottom and a nappy if he wanted to rest to which he said he would like to. Once changed he just wanted to lay in the comfort of his bed with me pottering in and out from the kitchen whilst he talked to Sarah when she'd crawl in for a visit.

I caught these few pics but as you can see by the time I was done in the kitchen he was getting his cheeky grin back.

You know a kid is teething when they're trying to shove their fingers in their mouth as far as they will go.

Sarah there's birds out there.

Mummy see, see there birds.

Ok maybe not his cheekiest grin, because he was telling his buddy Joel to smile.

How have your troops handled teething and how has mummy coped. I tell you o e thing though it was one of those days I didn't get out of my PJ's. So when hubby got home I headed off for a rare shower by myself.

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