Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vision is everything....

I put together this vision board last year after suffering my second and third miscarriages. I was looking for hope, for positivity and way of releasing my sadness into some positive universal energy.

You may think looking at this board that I was hoping for a little girl. But that wasn't necessarily the case I just wanted a happy, healthy baby I just didn't want another loss because it wears you down. All I knew in my heart putting together this board is that I had to heal myself of the concept of having lost to little girls in Elle and Meg. I had to allow my soul and spirit to heal and be open to receiving a baby girl, then maybe, just maybe I wouldn't suffer yet another miscarriage to make it three in a row for the year and four all up in my child rearing history to date.

I found the vision board today and in the haze of Sarah, and the last 7 odd months I hadn't realised it had fallen behind the drawers in our walk in robe. But to come by it today and see it and study it and to look at what I have in my sweet girl.....I am blessed, vision and hope are wonderful, vision and hope are necessary.

Sarah brings challenges to my day being her unique self, she doesn't sleep through the night and feeds every two to three hours at night, she needs closeness, she is determined beyond all my possible thought and she is strong, she is a fighter.....and aren't I glad she picked me to be her mummy.....goodness me I love her.

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