Monday, October 24, 2011

We need more family fun...

Since our family fun day outing last week, I have been in thought and in feeling. This little family needs more fun days, we need our Daddy more, I need my love more we just need him more.

Cohen is his daddy's boy through and through, don't get me wrong he is his mummy's boy too but I struggle to get a look in when the afternoons and weekends roll around when hubby is home. Cohen had so much fun having a random day of fun and daddy time on Thursday. He was riding high with excitement and stories only to have hubby go off to track marshall at the GC 600 the next day.

Cohen spent much of the weekend asking for and searching out extra cuddles and kisses and then he would have those moments when I knew something wasn't right. I'd ask him what was wrong and with a slight whimper in the voice each time I heard - I miss my daddy.

Yesterday afternoon when hubby arrived at his parents place (we planned to meet there and have a family dinner with them), I could tell hubby was visibly stressed. He was involved in a major incident on his point during the race. Several reports, questionings and briefings had him having a gut full of it all after three 12 plus hour days on track. All whilst he knew his little boy was missing him and wanting him home soon.....or like Cohen kept putting it - daddy home two minutes, bless him.

Speaking further with hubby today about Cohen and our family fun day and the lack of time he has off from work, I felt free to speak more openly about how I feel about all this too. I told him that I know he runs a business with his father but it sucks that he just never manages to have blocks of holiday time with us as all as a family. He knows and feels it too, the stress and the pull of needing to work and wanting to be here with us. It sucks that the week I was home from hospital when Sarah was born, he was meant to have off. But because of staff problems I was left recovering from a c-section, trying to breastfeed and run after a not quite two year old at that point.

Daddy with the kids when Sarah was a week old.

Furthermore to his excessive work/business commitments Sarah isn't confident for long periods with anyone but me, so my downtime is near non-existent. I do get a Sunday morning break for all if 40 mins at our local coffee shop. I'm up gone and back by 7.30am at the latest.

In all honest how does everyone else do it, how do you balance these issues? How much family time do you really get together? Do you really have any proper downtime for yourself?


  1. Hi Trudie

    I am a business woman company director, running two large business and one small business (rowantree design, my passion). I am a wife to an energetic kiwi husband who loves to sail when he is not tied to our factory. I am a carer to my 9 month old grandson, My daughter and her husband have a morgage and after many years at uni they are trying to make their start in life.
    In the morning when Peta drops him off at 7.00, I am usually making my husband breakfast and lunch. Off she goes and I am feedig Rowan his breakfast, off my husband goes and I am left whith all the breakfast mayhem. Somehow I mange to feed Rowan, feed the dogs, clean up and then strategically get dressed, put Rowan down for a sleep (hopefully it doesn't take forever) then I grab soe tie in my office. After he wakes up I take him to the office and proceed to do the best I can at running a company! When everybody gets home from work they say they are all tired and worn out. 'Mum whats for dinner? Is there enough for us to stay? And then it goes on. My daughter leaves straight after dinner and my husband is half asleep on the couch.And for me. Can somebody please get me a glass of wine?
    that's how we do it all week. We all have to work and as a family we are all caring for Rowan...Life is a push and sometimes I feel like screaming. I want some me and hubby time. ABut who is going to listen. Thank you, you might have! Sorry abut the rant

  2. Thank you for your message, sometimes it's good to have a rant. I hadn't intended for my post to a rant. But I guess what I do know is that we all do it, we all manage somehow. Sometimes I feel like I am being selfish wanting time for me, time to create and brainstorm. I have Journey to Bliss and my other blog which is also my business I am slowly trying to build on and develop My Vintage Vow. Nearly all my writing time is done when I am breastfeeding, Sarah rarely sleeps properly during the day and Cohen requires a lot of attention and stimulation he is a very spirited, intelligent boy. I have big dreams and goals for myself personally and family life, but this past week has just shown how out of wack things are, I know hubby and I want things to change. Things can't change overnight but I guess what is key is to start looking at where I can carve out more "moments" if we can't have hours, days or weeks and build from there.


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