Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What happened here today....

A few weeks ago a friend posted a funny on their Facebook wall, but I can't for the life of me remember who posted it to track down the source to share it. But it's one of those funnies that is probably doing the rounds, so you may of seen it (if you happen to have an idea of what I'm talking about please leave a comment and link) It's about a mother not doing a single thing around the house all day and the husband coming home to grave but also rather comical scenes but can't find his wife. Kids are naked, taps a running, the front yard looks like a bomb site, food is on the floor, fridge is open, dog drinking out of the toilet and so on you get the picture. Cut the story short he finds her in bed reading a book and asks what the hell happened here today. To which her response is that all those things she does each day, she just didn't do them.

I got a good laugh out of it but it got me thinking just how much we mums and wives do, even when you do have a helpful partner. I know as mums we all have those rare days where we let the kids run a bit feral in some lame attempt to give ourselves a break. But seriously, honestly who are we kidding it's just a bigger mess to clean the next day right?

So my question is could you let the kids truly run feral for the day, good and proper? If not what are you happy to let slide for a day or two in your lame attempt to get a break and hopefully recharge?

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  1. Such good questions, Trudie! ("You're a bit of alright", you are!)

    I can't let anyone run too feral because, like you say, I just know I'm creating more chaos to deal with later. I'm definitely not a Scarlett type of personality! So, rather than 'I'll think about it tomorrow', my motto has always been 'just do it, and it's done'.

    Fortunately the husbie knows the sort of collosal effort that goes into running a neat and happy household because I make him do AT LEAST half of it!! x


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