Monday, October 17, 2011

You want me to do what?

Do you remember me telling you in a post a month back that my ABA group leaders and counsellors approached me about leading our discussion group for our next meeting....which is in fact this Friday? Well I just got an email from one of the leaders to tell me that the trainee I was meant to lead the discussion group with may not be attending due to her Nanna passing away and the funeral being some time this week. In the same email she mentioned to me that she also won't be attending because she is now going to this years ABA conference. Furthermore another counsellor may not be able to attend and the only counsellor who will be there will have four children in tow.

So I have been asked if I will lead the group myself with the only counsellor in attendance this meeting wrangling four kids. With the topic being "Managing Toddler and Baby".
So tell me:

I'm currently going through the process with paperwork to start my studies to become a counsellor (truth be told I'm wondering if I should take the path of community educator). So this is somewhat of a daunting task to be undertaking Friday. I'm not scared of talking in front of others, I rarely feel that way. I'm nervous though about making sure I reference appropriate material and I can keep the meeting on track.

Please wish me luck.


  1. Good luck - this sounds like a daunting task

  2. you look very brave, good luck, sometimes meetings that go off track have the best discussions, I'm sure you'll be fine.


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