Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 days to create calm....

It's the start of a new month and what better time coming up to the festive season is there to try and create calm in the home environment but in positive and sustaining ways. So this month I have signed up with Aspiring Mum to create calm.

I have been spending a lot of spare moments in the last month or so trying to reorganising our home environment so that our day to day life flows better and calmer and this months sign up is just what I need to get us over the finishing line.

I agree very much with Debbie's words:
"Disorganisation creates a perpetual cycle - leading to chaos, which contributes to stress, and ultimately impacts on the family environment. Living in a disorganised, chaotic and stressful environment is no fun for anyone. The general mood is tense, no-one functions effectively and relationships can suffer. How do you break the cycle? Through being organised."

I have experienced this first hand and to an excessive degree through my childhood and my home environment growing up. Ever since then and even more so now having my own children I am striving to not have those issues duplicated in my children's lives.

I will also be focusing on specific things this month to create a more nurturing environment for my family by trying to meet all our sensory needs.

So if you could do with:

Pop on over here and sign up and while you're at grab a button for your sidebar.


  1. Thanks for joining in Trudie! I can't wait to see what you do with your family this month. (I hope my posts will be somewhat useful!)

  2. juswt thinking about Christmas freaks me out so maybe I will join in too


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