Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Craft with a milestone reached for good measure....

This morning I set Cohen up with some paint stamping with Christmas cookie cutters. I have loads of leftover scrapbooking album pages leftover and thought Cohen could stamp them and we could cut them up to make Christmas cards, as he has been enjoying scribbling on paper and folding it and saying it's my birthday card. So with that in mind you can see the idea I was running with, so I set him up like so.

Just a bit of a tip (from my teaching days) for those who are scared about this paint activity as an indoor activity with little ones. Pour a little paint into a takeaway container, add a little water and a good squirt of dish washing liquid and mix it around. Get a cheapie kitchen sponge and place it in the container, let it soak up the mixture a little and turn it over if necessary. It makes for a lot neater, cleaner way of facilitating the activity and makes clean up so much easier.

So as I was saying Cohen had decided on green and although you can't see it in the pics we added silver glitter paint as well, and agreed when it dried we would also draw on the cardboard with crayons.

When time for drawing came, after a few little scribbles over some of the paint Cohen decided to flip the cardboard over to draw on the other side, and look what he did.

His first ever clear attempt of a full body with head, arms and legs. I am so proud of him and there was lots of cheering and cuddles. But now I'm stuck with a problem, do I still cut them all up to make cards, as he has drawn huge faces on the back of all the card stock which is 12" x 12". Perhaps I should leave it up to the artist, in case he has changed his mind about making cards.

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