Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Creating Calm and Nurturing the senses - Touch

I've been following Debbie's post at Aspiring Mum about trying create calm this month. I'm finding it helpful to iron out the little kinks here and there in our home environment. We're getting closer and closer to things buzzing along nicely. One of the things I mentioned in signing up or Creating Calm in 30 Days was how I was also going to mention my efforts to further work on and develop nurturing through the senses and how I find it creates calm in elements of our day to day life.

I thought I would speak about touch first, it is quite possibly the most important if all our senses and without it we fail to thrive. Attachment parenting allows so many opportunities to nurture your child through touch. The two biggest things that happen in our family life that allow me to restore calm are breast feeding and baby wearing. Attachment Parenting International offers several other suggestion on how you can nurture through touch especially with babies and older children.

Skin to skin with daddy can be just as important.

As well as many of the suggestions from Attachment Parenting International I have found unique ways of incorporating touch and nurturing to help instill calm especially with a toddler.

Some tricks that work for us are:

* Cohen doesn't like massage, but if I suggest we play
barbers it allows me to softly combo his hair with my fingers, and pretend to softly snip hair with my finger tips. He will then often let me shave his face (pretend of course), I will stroke his eyebrows and softly brush my fingertips over his cheeks and chin. I often use is technique or similar on those days when Sarah has had me busy and I've not been able to be involved in much of his play. He often likes to return the favour and this little game nearly always calms him and changes his focus.

* I've also found that a light touch when trying to give Cohen an instruction to do something can be beneficial. The light touch of a hand on the arm or shoulder can break the wandering eyes when you're trying to speak with him, and focus the attention on me and what I am saying. Therefore reducing frustration both on his part and mine and therefore nurtures his confidence about fulfilling a task.

* I still breast feed Cohen and although he appears to be on a slow wean, I still try to encourage physical closeness and touch by having him close during Sarah's feed times throughout the day. He often enjoys a story snuggled into my side while I feed or sometimes he is happy to hold hands whilst I feed and sit on lounge.

I hope the above link and my suggestions might help in creating calm moments in your days, especially on those days where you think everything is going to pits.


  1. Touch is such a powerful 'tool' in creating calm. I know that even when one of my children is having a tantrum, just a nice cuddle can be enough to calm them down. This is so great that you're exploring the different senses.

  2. tpuch therapy is nreally the best way to show the love of a person to another especially that of a parent to a child.. soo magical.. love your blog..following you now,.. hope you could visit my blog too...kissess!!!

  3. Awesome post and so in line with what I'm working on.

    I'm a mother of a Prince and Twincesses. My smallest Twincess taught me so much about the importance of touch. (She only weighed 4.51 lb, her sister weighed 5.71, born at 35w1d)

    At 6 weeks we realized she wasn't gaining weight, but I did not want to supplement her with formula, so instead I started spending more time skin to skin with her, we took her to a chiropractor and I changed the way I breastfed her with the help of an IBCLC. To everyone's amazement she gained weight and today (now 2.5yrs old) she's bigger than her twin sister!

    This experience got me interested in researching the whole touch concept and eventually led to the birth of my website which I'm currently working on. It's great to read about other families' similar experiences, you've inspired me to keep going. Thanks a million!


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