Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2 - 30 Days to Calm

I woke up this morning ready to attack the day and the challenge of creating calm in 30 days head on. Today over at Aspiring Mum, Debbie spoke about getting a handle on time management and how procrastination is a killer of time. But in my case I am already acutely aware of where my time is mismanaged or rather where my days go pear shaped. I often fall into the trap of thinking I can get things done when the kids are busy with something or resting. But who am I am kidding, my kids tag team resting.

So I have to engage help in shape of Cohen to get things done, thankfully though he loves helping and being given responsibilities. You might remember me posting about him feeding our dog Jada and setting the table at night.

So I'm trying to fine tune our mornings and making sure that if I have to get a chore done that either Cohen can help or it's something I can do whilst engaging with him. Cohen in general requires a lot of dialogue and conversation in his play. So today instead of sorting and folding laundry (which I admit can often be in front of the telly), I changed things up and I did it in the dining room. Our buffet is long so there was plenty of space to sort piles. This allowed for the table to be clear and Cohen to have play dough out and Sarah on the floor playing with shakers. I was able to have children's music on and engaged with Cohen through song.

When Cohen had enough of play dough I was able let him outside to play and leave the door open to engage with him and keep an eye on him. He is rather pleased with his paint job today.

Anyway I need to keep looking at where and what I need to shuffle around so that I can continue to maximise my time. If I can continue to do this it leaves a lot more of my later morning and afternoon free to play freely with the kids and take the odd moment to sit back and take a breather for myself.

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