Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3 - 30 days to create calm......Routine

As I mentioned the other day when signing up 30 Days to Create Calm, I have been working on changing things for a few months so signing up was really to help me fine tune things. It is funny that Debbie posted today about routine because that is exactly what was on my mind this morning.

When routine is in place and going well it creates calm, I find Cohen responds better to changes because he has that confidence in our home environment about what is happening next or what is expected of him.

I followed through again this morning with taking care of laundry in our dining room and giving Cohen an activity to do whilst I took care of my job. Sarah once again was happy to play with toys on the floor and came over to investigate what I was doing. The music was on again and today's activity for Cohen was drawing. Although he wasn't drawing much he enjoyed sitting and talking with me and then announced he wanted to help me. So he collected his nappies and kept marching back and forth to his room and back to the music.

I can't believe how much this small tweak in the morning routine (I know that it's just a snippet of part of our morning routine) has reduced that morning chaos. I now don't have (I know it's been two days) a two and half year old wandering around getting into mischief.

I'm now off to put other chaotic periods of the day under the microscope and see what needs tweaking. Changing the location of where I do the laundry truly is a bit like that advice I was once given:
"If you can't change the situation change your environment."

I did exactly that an instantly I'm getting results as well as more time to engage meaningfully with my son, and listen to him.

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