Thursday, November 10, 2011

Do you have to soak them?

I have been prompted by 30 Days to Create Calm, to post about one of the routines in our home that is generally down pat - Clothing Nappying and Washing. I'm posting to show people that it really isn't that complicated and doesn't necessarily have to cause you undue stress to your household workload.

I get numerous comments and questions when people realise we are a full time cloth nappying family. At first the appearance of modern cloth nappies have people intrigued, but conversation often turns quickly to the laundry. The amount of laundry, the method of washing and routine often concerns the initially interested parties in cloth nappies. Then of course the concern about how do you have time to do it all?

With modern cloth nappies these days things really couldn't be much easier. So for those who are interested in cloth nappying and you have concerns of the workload and routine to organise it all, this is for you.

1. Any solid waste is removed from nappy straight after changing. With the advancement in materials, waste will often just roll off. There are also Little Squirts available to attach to your toilet system to help with this process if you have stubborn solids.

2. Place nappy in a nappy bucket or you don't need it filled with water or soaking agents. In fact soaking agents would damage your nappies over time.

3. Wash nappies either everyday or second day. I wash every day because I can add random nappies that have been changed to a load of regular washing throughout the day. Otherwise come the start if each morning my nappy bucket is full and it's the first load on in the morning and first hung out.

4. When nappies are dry, DH and I find it rather carthardic to sit in the evening with cuppa watching telly putting nappies together. Seriously it only takes as long as a cuppa to get the job done and dusted.

See it really isn't much different to doing your regular washing of clothes and linen huh?

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