Monday, November 21, 2011

Daddy and Daughter moments.....

Do you know how long it has been for us to get to moments like these?

About eight months to be precise......ok perhaps not precise but thereabouts.
In the last month Sarah has been happy to be soothed and settled by her daddy. It's something I think both daddy and daughter have needed and if I'm truthful it's what mummy has needed too.

Although Sarah is still very much a mummy's girl and doesn't like me straying far from her, I can see each day how her confidence is growing in different ways and with different people. As a family we are all very much looking forward to the Christmas break, because daddy will be home for ten days. It will be good for all of us, but especially for Sarah I think it will be the longest period of time he will have been off work in any one stretch since Sarah was born. I am so looking forward to capturing more of these moments.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! one of my twins is very much a Mummy's girl and it has worried me to see her not as engaged with her Daddy. However , in the last few months there has been a turnaround and the joy on both their faces is something to behold!
    Lovely photo...i'm sure he cherished the moment!


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