Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Creating Calm when kids are sick...

I have both kids sick at the moment with cracking, croaking coughs. Not to mention the heat has kick up a notch in the last week. So I have two whining sick unhappy kids, having meltdowns left, right and centre. So I have endeavoured to try and give Cohen quiet, calm activities to keep him settled and out of the heat.

As it was this morning I just had to get out of the house to Spotlight to pick up some craft and sewing supplies, as I have must finish projects to do by the end of the week. Whilst there my mind was finally jogged to a little fine motor activity I wanted to put together for Cohen.

His little activity is currently working a treat for creating a bit of calm when it's all to much for the little guy. So for about $8 I picked up some plastic cross stitch canvas boards, and a packet of plastic needles with blunt and rounded ends and we are in business (I already had some rainbow coloured cheap yarn here at home).

If you'd like to give this little activity a go at home with your little ones, I've already got a few suggestions that might help.

* If you have young ones like Cohen (he is 2 and half) I think it's best to go with the small shaped boards, so that they don't get frustrated and fumble with the bigger boards.

* Use a small ply yarn so that they are able to thread it through easily.

* Keep yarn length no longer then the length from the centre of your child's chest to an outstretched arm, otherwise with too much pooling yarn and wool they will get frustrated with not being able pull all the yarn through easily.

Hope you have some success with this activity if you choose to give it a go. It's a great no mess activity, which I'm pleased about with two sick babes, less mess to clean up at the moment the better. For older children you could also supply them with beads to thread on as well or draw a simple outline on the board with a permanent marker for them to follow. Otherwise let them freestyle a design.

If you give this a go with your little ones, I'd love it if you would pop back and let me know how you went.

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  1. It has been sooo hot lately! You poor thing having sick kids as well.

    I love this activity. I will definitely have to pay a visit to Spotlight!

    Hope everyone is on the mend soon.


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