Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Plotting and planning this week....

I'm busy this week with several projects and gatherings on the horizon, not to mention Christmas planning. I have shopping of all descriptions to do.......grocery, fruit and veg, meat, crafting and Christmas shopping and if I can fit in some op shopping that will be some down time for me. I've got a to-do list that is growing longer and longer and meal plans and some special organising to undertake. One of the most important dishes I need to plan for this week is for a morning tea I am hosting on Friday. I have a bunch of mummy friends coming here on Friday morning for a morning tea recipe swap. Everyone has been asked to bring a plate of something savoury or sweet with a copy of the recipe to share with all the other mummas.

I'm having the morning tea because it has been a seriously busy year for us and many other families I know and so many of us haven't had much opportunity to catch up with one another. Would you believe there are even some us with babies who are crawling and trying to walk now and we haven't seen each other since the birth if our babes or longer.

I'm rather looking forward to the morning tea, but I do need to get my skates on and knuckle down and commit to what I'm making and get my house in order for this influx of mummas and little ones that will be here on Friday morning.

I hope the morning is successful and that I have some nice pics to show you from the day. Now I'm off on a search for inspiration.

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