Monday, November 14, 2011

Keeping my Babes in bubbles....

I have sick babes again, so getting time to arrange my bigger posts I have lined up is proving difficult. It also doesn't help that the silly season is fast approaching and the calendar is filling up. So I've pulled up stops this morning kept Cohen home from day care as he isn't well enough and we are having some mellow, reconnecting time. As I post this it has just gone 11.40am and he is already napping. I'm laying down with Sarah as I type and she is drifting off to sleep as well......poor thing has a cough also.

One thing I'm remembering with this months 30 Days to Create Calm is, it's ok sometimes to say no to plans and offers of play dates and catch ups so that you can re-centre things at home....especially when the kids aren't well.

So at least for the next few days I think we are going to live in our own little bubble and find some fun and calm at home after a busy week last week.

Note - pics taken early last week in a moment of calm in a crazy schedule last week.

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