Sunday, November 6, 2011

Problem with creating calm on weekends....

I think a major overhaul of the weekends, is required here. I've, just this weekend realised why I feel like I have got no where with a weeks worth of housework. It all comes down to, DH being home on the weekends. He leaves before 6am each morning and walks in just before dinner. It's just become so clear to me now, how little he understands about the systems and routines that I am trying to put in place here at home. Anyways I'm off to ponder all this more, it's been a long tiring weekend. Sarah looks like she is teething thick and fast with others on the way. I had 3 hours broken sleep Friday night and Saturday I was in bed her at 7.30pm only to have her awake at 12.30am crawling over me singing bub, bub for several hours. So please excuse me as bed is calling and I'd like to be at least a bit fresher for hitting the week ahead, head on to create calm.

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