Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sharing some bloglove....

I haven't shared some bloglove for a while and I have been inspired to this past week, whilst plotting, preparing and planning for the silly season. Although I used to work in child care many years ago (now feels like a lifetime ago) I sometimes need a little reminder and inspiration of different things I could do for the kids or in particular Cohen at this point in time. Of course with the silly season approaching it's always good to have different and exciting activities for little ones to enjoy.

So I've been doing a spot of stalking over at Counting Coconuts and checking out some of the coolest sensory tub ideas. I'm totally and utterly re-inspired with ideas for the kids.

Pic from Counting Coconuts
Check out this cool transport sensory tub. But given it is heading into the silly season I am now brewing a great little idea for a Christmas sensory tub.

On a more personal note whilst sharing some bloglove. It pleases me so much to see that one of my most dearest IRL friends has found her blogging love again and has started a new blog this week. She is an incredibly intelligent and creative mumma with knowledge and experience in vast fields from Beauty Therapy through to Education Technology. I'm excited to see where her blogging antics will take her, and knowing her as I do she will definitely be someone to keep an eye on. If you need a nudge to pop on over and have a look she is offering a giveaway of handmade soaps. So pop on over to Things I do.
If I'm really honest it will be nice having one of my beasties to blog talk with he hehe.

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