Friday, November 25, 2011

Wet play, frozen fun...

DH gave me the heads up earlier in the week that the end of the week might be wet weather days. So I knew I would need to be organised with things to occupy Cohen with outdoor play and outings being limited. So with a bit if pre-planning and being inspired by my stalkings over at Counting Coconuts and sensory tubs. I got out a large kitchen tray and some of the kids toys and odds and ends and put them in the tray and filled it with water and into the freezer it went.

Both the kids had fun investigating it at first.

Then Cohen got to thinking about how he was going to get the toys or treasure as he called it out.

My camera battery ran out whilst Cohen played, but he ended up freeing everything and placing it in the tray I provided. Some toys still had huge chunks of ice still hanging off them and Sarah enjoyed picking them up and sucking on them. Once Cohen had freed all the toys and he was left with tiny pieces of smashed ice, more imaginative play stepped in, with him declaring that they were his ice lollies.

While summer is hanging about I think I will try and do one of these a week. Even if it ends up being rainy you can still do this inside as we have, I just turned a huge plastic lid I have from the kids blocks container upside down and put a towel underneath for absorbency.


  1. that's an ace summer activity, will have to remember it for the school holidays.

  2. what a great idea to keep them entertained this summer


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