Monday, December 5, 2011

Bring a plate.....

Cohen is off to family day care this morning and they are having a Christmas party because one of the kids will be finishing up for the year soon. So our day care mum has asked for us to bring along a plate of food for the party.

I'm generally the mum who would send the fruit platter or other healthy alternative but for a change I had plans of making something "naughty", I had planned on making these yummies.

However after a million trips out yesterday, which also included several trips into the supermarket I still forgot to buy cream to make them. By the time I got Sarah settled down last night I was exhausted and knew I still had to rustle something up for this morning. So I present to you my abstract version of a rudolph treat, using just three ingredients.

I just soften the biscuits in the oven as per the original recipe instructions. Melted chocolate and divided into between the cookie cups and popped on some raspberries. As I mentioned before I would never normally do something like this for a kids party, so I added extra raspberries for good measure.

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