Friday, December 9, 2011

Changing your way of thinking.......

I know I was just saying yesterday that I have been busy with the silly season and not much time to work on the more nitty gritty posts I have been wanting to do. However a beautiful and enlightening conversation with DH last night has had me wanting to rush in and share with you.

You see DH and I are in amidst of another baby boom amongst our friends, I have several friends who are expecting and a few friends who have given birth in the last few months and as most recent as last week. I was checking my Facebook last night and saw that a friend in Melbourne (first time mummy) is struggling with an unsettled little mister. So I made the suggestion of a baby carrier, it was nice to see others supportive of that suggestion and also recommend some of the better carriers on the market. All while this was happening I was informing DH of the conversation that was taking place, as we have both known this new mummy since she was in her late years of primary school.

It was through relaying the conversation to DH, I really saw how much he has actually taken in about my natural parenting ways. When I say my ways, I mean it in as much as that he has always been supportive and in agreeance, but along the way he has found it difficult with some aspects. For example when I eventually opted for Sarah co-sleeping full time out of desperation to get sleep, DH would keep verbalising his opinion that's not where she should be.

So as we spoke last night about our new mummy friend who is struggling and all our other expecting, want-to-be expecting friends and just about parenting in general, I heard him say the following:
"I just think now about what I have heard you quote, that if you were stuck on a desert island with you baby with no baby books, no help, no family, no one giving you advice or tidbits, you would parent your child instinctively. You would breast feed your baby, you would carry your baby and you would sleep with your baby."
He went on to say and explain that is why he has relaxed his way of thinking on anything he was having lingering resistance to on the parenting front.

I must say I was so pleased and so proud of him that he is now fully in a place where he recognises and understands all the benefits of what we are doing in raising our children. He admits now that his previous resistance to certain things along the way has been about him, and society type opinions and pressures. Prior to last nights conversation I already had a DH who would openly talk to anyone that would listen about clothing nappying and baby wearing but now I have a husband who is fully accepting of co-sleeping as well (rather than being accepting out of necessity) I'm so proud of the voice and advocate he has become on many aspects of natural parenting. To my DH, it's amazing what our little blessings teach us along the way isn't it? You are a remarkable daddy and our children or lucky to have a daddy like you.

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